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Adventure Hunt Quarantine Challenge Rules & Activities



  • You must be registered by simply entering your email on this page
  • Follow @AdventureHunt.co on Instagram
  • Complete Challenges as outlined below
  • Document all challenges via short video on your Instagram Story
    • just post one or two 15-sec videos per challenge, even if the challenge is longer than that, show us your best 15-30 secs.
  • Tag @AdventureHunt.co on all Story Posts
  • This is not a race. This is meant for everyone to enjoy at their own pace, so really have fun with it! Start now and take your time. Knock out a few challenges each day, this does not have to all be done at once :) We'll announce the winner via raffle tentatively set for the end of July.


    👇CHALLENGES: Complete the specified number of challenges from EACH section. If you're unsure what something is, Google it and you'll quickly learn :)


    😂Fun (choose any 5 & post to your Instagram Story)
    • Straight Arm Water Drinking Challenge
    • Straight Leg Water Drinking Challenge 
    • Create & show us your best contactless handshake with someone else
    • Create a meme involving toilet paper, cleaning wipes or hand sanitizer
    • High Jump - best vault into a movie watching position on couch, lovesac, etc.
    • Yell 'Kobe' while draining any item into a garbage can from 15+ feet away
    • Make an elaborate home fort with couch cushions, pillows, sheets and blankets, and anything else you want
    • Floor is Lava Challenge
    • Homemade 3-pt contest (5 items from 5 spots, shooting into garbage can, laundry basket, whatever you want)
    • One Leg Paper Challenge (squat down on one leg to pick up a piece of paper with your mouth, your hands and other foot can't touch the ground)
    • Build a homemade obstacle course to get a small ball (ping pong, golf) to go through a series of 5+ obstacles and land in a cup

      💪Exercise (choose any 3 & post to your Instagram Story)

      • 20 pushups
      • 10 pull-ups
      • 30 situps 
      • 30 jumping jacks
      • 30 bodyweight squats
      • 50 reps of jumprope 
      • Show us your 3 favorite/best yoga poses
      • Go on a hike (where still safe & legal)
      • If you're physically unable to do these, do what you can to exercise given your situation

        ❤️Do Good, Feel Good (choose any 2 & post to your Instagram Story)

        • Go grocery shopping or run errands for someone at high risk of illness (if you’re healthy & at low risk of infection) 
          • if you’re sick or at high risk of illness, stay home and let someone you trust of low risk shop for you and count it just the same
        • Video chat a loved one you can't go visit in person (FaceTime, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Google Hangout, Snapchat all offer live video chats)
        • Support a local business by ordering food, buying gift cards, etc. (the health crisis is one thing, the economic crisis we’re coming into now is another, do your part to safely support local business in this time of need)
        • Tell us 5 things you’re thankful for even in this unique time

        💃Music/Dance Challenges (choose any 2 & post to your Instagram Story, you can do 1 of each or 2 of the same category)

        • Show us your best TikTok from these:
          • Say So
          • Renegade
          • 3 Musketeers
          • Blinding Lights
          • Cannibal
        • Make a 15-30 sec Music Video 
          • I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston (80s)
          • U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer (90s)
          • I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas (2000s)
          • Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake (2010s)
        • Get a neighbor to join you singing any of the above songs from their apt / property

        📚Mental (choose any 3 & post to your Instagram Story)

        • Actually work from home… stay efficient for your company. Let's do our part to stop both the health AND economic crises.
          • if you’re a student, take time to really keep up with your studies
        • Read a book, show us what it is and what you like about it
        • Learn a new simple, but useful skill (i.e. YouTube tutorial on cooking, sports technique, photo editing, makeup, hair, auto repair, etc. Whatever you want to learn!)
        • Show us the top 3 spots on your travel bucket list and why
        • Create a personal Vision Board (goals, dreams, etc.)
        • Write in a journal

          📣Promo (choose at least 1 & post to your Instagram Story)

          • Show us your best 15-sec Adventure Hunt commercial (hint, we do really fun team building treasure hunts as well as epic corporate retreats & incentive trips)
          • Fill out the contact form on this page to have your company do a fun team building event with us when the time is right, screenshot and tag your company and your boss/manager in the post :) 
            • Use this page if you think an epic corporate retreat/incentive trip is a better fit for your company
          • Challenge 10 friends to complete this Adventure Hunt Quarantine Challenge by briefly explaining it, mentioning the Panama Vacation Prize Package and tagging those 10 friends
          🏝VIVA PANAMA! 

          The winner of the Panama vacation package will be announced via raffle tentatively set for the end of July. This is not a race. This is meant for everyone to enjoy at their own pace, so really have fun with it!  


          • Free 5-day, 4-night stay in a private luxury villa in Caribbean paradise for you + 3 friends! 
          • World Class amenities: spacious, open floor plan, Wifi, full kitchen and private pool at your villa! 
          • Free zip-line jungle tour
          • Free SCUBA diving 
          • Beautiful Caribbean water & beaches 
          • Large Resort Beach Club, pool & beach games 
          • Airfare & food not included 
          • Friends must also have fully registered & participated in the Adventure Hunt Quarantine Challenge to attend vacation
          • Total trip value: $4,000  

          When you are done with the activities & challenges above and have followed all the rules above, create a Story Highlight on your IG account and add all your Adventure Hunt Quarantine Challenge stories to it (you can do this from archive for any past story even long after it's expired). Then email us at LetsGo@AdventureHunt.com so we can verify and put your name in the raffle! 

          Remember, this is not a race, so have fun with it! Get creative. Knock out a few challenges each day. Really enjoy it. We'll announce the winner via raffle, tentatively set for the end of July. 



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