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USAA Work From Home Participants

You'll be completing fun challenges from your home office and posting them to your Instagram account, tagging @lifeatusaa in each post. You may post as an Instagram Story. These challenges are optional and have been approved by your company. Select and complete any 15 of the below challenges to be an official Finisher!


  1. Recite the core values and express what it means to you. 
  2. Write a letter of gratitude  
  3. Share what Culture Shift you are made of and how you use it in your day to day routines.  
  4. Post what you're  Made of/Made for on the Ink group 
  5. Do USAA to the YMCA theme song  
  6. Successfully do the Straight Arm Challenge (pour water into mouth w/ arm extended & w/o spilling) 
  7. Do a runway competition modeling USAA apparel 
  8. Run/walk for 5 minutes 
  9. Relax for 5 min 
  10. Sign I love USAA in sign language 
  11. Take a picture of your favorite view from your office and post 
  12. Visit go/volunteer to log volunteer hours or sign-up for a volunteer event 
  13. Tell us what makes USAA great.  
  14. Thank a veteran or mil spouse for their service.  
  15. Identify the five armed forces branches and their birthdays.  
  16. Recite the phonetic alphabet 
  17. Identify the mascot for each branch of service 
  18. Visit go/usaahistory and tell us what happened in the world in 1922, 1969, 1983, 1996, 2008, 2010  
  19. Take a picture with your favorite HP food item  
  20. Recite the USAA mission while doing air squats (10 air squats) 
  21. Share your story of what the mission means to you. 

As your final post, please let us know you've completed 15 of these and tell us what you thought overall of the event as a WFH employee! Thanks!

All WFH participants will use the Honor System when posting, challenges will not be reviewed‚Äďwe trust you when you say you've completed 15 :)¬†