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Top 10 Things To Do in Ottawa

1. Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal is one of the oldest landmarks in Ottawa. It is absolutely incredible as there are many boats in the Summer and then it is turned into the largest skating rink in the world in the Winter! You can’t miss this!

Rideau Canal

2. Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the centerpiece of downtown and is the place where many political decisions are made. It features absolutely gorgeous architecture and amazing shows throughout the year! You can also take a tour of it and just enjoy it all!

Parliament Hill

3. Adventure Hunt Ottawa

A fun and adventurous modern-day treasure hunt you can enter as many times as you want! You will be running the same route as our massive Treasure Hunt which will have you exploring Ottawa and the surrounding areas, including spots you likely haven't explored before!  It only costs $10 and every time you finish, you will get $5 to the Adventure Hunt Store and be entered to win a FREE TRIP TO PANAMA! You can enter on your own, with a date or with a group of friends. No matter how many people you are with, you will have a blast!


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4. ByWard Market

ByWard Market is a four block area that features museums, restaurants, galleries and so much more! It is one of the oldest and largest public markets in Canada!

ByWard Market

5. Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is great for walking, biking, cross-country skiing and it features the old home of Canada’s Prime Minister!  

Gatineau Park

6. Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is a great place to go where you can just feel the history. You can also see the AMAZING architecture and design.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

7. Peace Tower

The Peace Tower is another place that is not to be missed. It is free to go up and gives you great views. Definitely worth the wait!

Peace Tower

8. National War Memorial

The National War Memorial features a granite memorial arch with bronze sculptures that honor those who died in the First World War, Second World War and many more. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is also in front representing all those who died in war. 

National War Memorial

9. Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum

Built in secret during the Cold War. Diefenbunker is four stories underground. It was built to house the government in case of a nuclear war. It is now a place that can be toured and it is pretty crazy to see.

Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum

10. Dows Lake Pavilion

Dows Lake Pavilion is a beautiful pavilion on Dow’s Lake. It provides great views all year long but if you go during the Tulip Festival, you won’t be disappointed!

Dows Lake Pavilion

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