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Waiver and Discover Hunt Rules

Discovery Fun Hunts are the exact clues and routes used for previously completed Treasure Hunts. They're available and ready 24/7/365.

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Treasure Hunts are our most popular Hunts. They are 2-part races:

  1. Race to complete challenges and adventures to earn points and unlock the Treasure Map and Clues.

  2. Race to solve clues guiding you to buried treasure! 

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With Adventure Hunt, you can also Create Your Own scavenger / treasure hunt or geocache!

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The Wavier is the same for all Adventure Hunt participants. Below are the Discover Hunt Rules, view Treasure Hunt Rules here.

  • By creating an Adventure Hunt account, registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt in any way, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, covenant and agree to this full Release Waiver as well as everything below. 
  • By registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt, you and your teammate hold harmless Adventure Hunt and its employees, partners, sponsors, etc. Meaning, you agree to not sue or make any legal claims against Adventure Hunt, its employees, partners or sponsors for any expenses, damages, injuries, or losses from participating in Adventure Hunt. You also acknowledge and agree to follow all of these Rules.
  • *Adventure Hunt is not responsible for shipping costs of prizes. Any shipping costs may be handled between the customer and sponsor.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate or have parental/guardian consent signed and emailed to letsgo@adventurehunt.com.
  • Participate at your own risk.
  • Be smart. Be safe. Be courteous. 
  • Use caution and discretion and obey all local laws at all times.
  • By registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt, you and your teammate(s) assume all liability and responsibility for your actions and safety. Adventure Hunt and its Sponsors assume no liability or responsibility for your actions or safety nor the actions and safety of your teammate, nor anyone affected by you or your teammate's actions.
  • All registration sales are final. No refunds, regardless of weather, app glitches/bugs or anything else. Rules subject to change with updates to website. Stay on top of things.
  • To ensure good communication, we strongly encourage you follow our Instagram account and like our Facebook page. You'll also want to check the email you registered with and our App before, during and after the Hunt.
  • Be safe. Be smart. Be courteous. Obey all Adventure Hunt Rules and local laws. You take full responsibility and liability for your own actions.
    • "Obey all local laws" includes traffic laws. We take your safety and the safety of those around you seriously. Any team found to have received a traffic or even parking violation will be disqualified. 
    • Do NOT use the Adventure Hunt App while driving! If you're driving, focus on the road and obey the law while your friend or teammate helps navigate you safely to each location using the app. 
  • Do NOT ask any local businesses for free services. They have businesses to run, be respectful of that. If they offer something you need, pay for it or find another way to complete the task, or choose another task entirely--there are plenty of free options. 
  • The app will notify you when you're within 2,500 feet of a stop, 750 feet of a stop and when you've reached a stop--at which point you'll see some cool stuff to do at that spot and be able to tap to the next clue.
    • If the app doesn't notify you that you're in the right spot and you have good data service on your phone, that means you're in the wrong spot. Keep moving till you find it!
    • At each stop, we list some fun things to do there and encourage you to share your journey on Snapchat. This is not required, but encouraged!
  • The app uses maps, which drains battery a bit quicker. You may want to take turns using teammates phone. 
  • Part of the Adventure Hunt challenge is your ability to solve the clues guiding you to the treasure. Should you get stumped, there are in-app helps offered for purchase. Pictures, videos, 'tell me the location' and 'skip location'. Pictures and videos can be used on any stop, but 'tell me location' can only be used twice per team and 'skip location' can only be used once. So choose wisely when you use those. 
    • Picture help--a photo of the exact location you need to be or something similar that helps solves the clue--$0.99
    • Video help--a video of the exact location you need to be and its surrounding area, often an aerial drone shot--$1.99
    • Tell Me the Location--literally just tells you the exact spot you need to be, can only be used twice per Hunt--$9.99
    • Skip Location--allows you to entirely skip a clue and location, can only be used once per Hunt and is only offered on some locations--$29
      • ALL the clues can be solved without any of these additional helps (Google, ask friends and really think--don't expect to be able to read a clue and immediately solve it). In fact, most people don't use them, but if you need them, they're there. 

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