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Treasure Hunt Rules and Waiver

Treasure Hunts are our most popular Hunts. They are 2-part races:

  1. Race to complete challenges and adventures to earn points and unlock the Treasure Map and Clues.

  2. Race to solve clues guiding you to buried treasure! 

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Discovery Fun Hunts are the exact clues and routes used for previously completed Treasure Hunts. They're available and ready 24/7/365.

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With Adventure Hunt, you can also Create Your Own scavenger / treasure hunt or geocache!

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The Waiver is the same for all Adventure Hunt participants. Below are the Treasure Hunt Rules. View Discovery Fun Hunt Rules here

  • By creating an Adventure Hunt account, registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt in any way, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, covenant and agree to this full Release Waiver as well as everything below. 
  • By registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt, you and your teammate(s), friends, those you're participating and/or traveling with, etc. (hereafter 'teammate(s)') hold harmless Adventure Hunt and its employees, partners, sponsors, etc. Meaning, you agree to not sue or make any legal claims against Adventure Hunt, its employees, partners or sponsors for any expenses, damages, injuries, or losses from participating in Adventure Hunt. You also acknowledge and agree to follow all of the Adventure Hunt Rules.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate or have parental/guardian consent signed and emailed to letsgo@adventurehunt.com.
  • Participate at your own risk.
  • You agree to: Be smart. Be safe. Be courteous. 
  • You agree to: Use caution and discretion and obey all local laws at all times.
  • You understand and agree that no refunds will be given for any reason, including, but not limited to: weather, travel delays, acts of God, natural disasters, etc. You also understand and agree that events and itineraries are subject to change and no refunds will be given.
  • You understand and agree that: By registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt, you and your teammate(s) assume all liability and responsibility for your actions and safety. Adventure Hunt and its Sponsors assume no liability or responsibility for your actions nor safety, nor the actions and safety of your teammates, nor anyone affected by your or your teammates actions.
  • All registration sales are final. No refunds, regardless of weather, app glitches/bugs or anything else. Rules subject to change with updates to website. Stay on top of things.
  • Pay attention to details and team up properly inside the app. Watch the videos on this page to ensure you do it correctly.
  • Teams of 2-4 people. No more, no less. Whoever is registered on the team inside the app are the only people who qualify for prizes.
  • You and your teammate(s) must all be registered! Register now, then pick your teammate(s) any time before the Hunt and make sure they register too!
  • You are allowed to buy tickets for your teammates, but they must check themselves in on the app to sign and agree to Waiver, Rules, etc. 
    • If you're together as a team, you can just pass one phone around to individually check in on the app, or each person can log in to the app using the main ticket purchaser's info and then check in.
  • Be informed.
    • Follow our Instagram account and like our Facebook page.
    • You'll also need to check the email you registered with and our App before, during and after the Hunt (not required, but strongly recommended--you are responsible for being informed).
  • Post proof of completed Adventure List challenges to your Instagram Story. Follow the Posting Rules.
  • You must use your (or one of your teammate's) legitimate personal Instagram account for all Story posts--the same account for every adventure/Story post. Make sure your Instagram account is listed as 'public' so we can see your Stories.
  • Be safe. Be smart. Be courteous. Obey all Adventure Hunt Rules and local laws. You take full responsibility and liability for your own actions.
    • "Obey all local laws" includes traffic laws. We take your safety and the safety of those around you seriously. Any team found to have received a traffic or even parking violation will be disqualified. 
    • Do NOT use the Adventure Hunt App while driving! You have teammates for a reason :) If you're driving, focus on the road and obey the law while one of your teammates helps navigate you safely to each location using the app. 
  • Race to accumulate the needed points (10 Adventure + 10 Fun = 20 total points) and unlock the Treasure Map and Clues, then race to follow the clues to buried treasure. 
  • Remember, the treasure is winner take all in each city! First team to get to the treasure and dig it up, wins!
    • Treasure is winner take all, but there are BIG prizes for Top Ten!
      • EVERYONE who finishes Adventure Hunt, even after the Treasure has been found gets 25% promo codes to all Sponsor sites. Dooope! #FinishersAreWinners
        • *Adventure Hunt is not responsible for shipping costs. Any shipping costs may be handled between the customer and sponsor.
    • Where: You can start from home or wherever you want, but for those who want to meet other Adventure Hunters and do activities together (loads of fun and usually to your advantage to be there), we will suggest a starting point on the Facebook Event Page for your city the day before the Hunt.
      • In each city, we try to arrange for all of you to get discounts at a restaurant or pub. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. Don't expect it, but if we have one in your city, it will be shown in the app upon finishing. Finish and you can go get your grub and drink on at a discount and party with fellow Adventure Hunters! (not available in all cities)
    • Post all adventures to the same Instagram account as a Story. Each Story post is only good for one adventure. You cannot get credit for more than one adventure per Story post.
    • All Adventure List activities must be completed on Hunt Day after the Adventure List is released. (i.e. no using old photos/video, etc.--pay attention to details like code words required for a post)
    • Make sure it's clear that all teammates are present for each Instagram Story post during the Adventure List--we may use our discretion to let this slide for 1-2 posts, but play it safe and do it right. You don't have to all do the activity or challenge, but you need to be there for it supporting each other.
    • All teammates do not need to be present for all route stops, though it is recommended.
    • Make each Story post as fun and epic as possible. Today is first and foremost about having fun, so #EnjoyTheRide.
      • Really do each activity. i.e. a bike ride means a bike ride--outside! Same with longboarding, horseback riding, a waterslide, etc. No doing outdoor activities in a store or with a toy horse, etc. That's not what Adventure Hunt is about. Make it real and make it epic!
    • Follow all instructions closely on the Adventure List for your IG Stories. i.e. pay attention to details like code words.
    • Tag @AdventureHunt.co & a sponsor in each story.
    • Hashtag #AdventureHunt in at least half of your Story posts.
      • Have a caption for each Story post at least explaining what you're doing in the post. i.e. "Belly-flopping for @RedFrogBeachResort" (this is not required like the tags above are, but strongly encouraged as it helps us verify you and others more quickly).
        • Do NOT ask any local businesses for free services. They have businesses to run, be respectful of that. If they offer something you need, pay for it or find another way to complete the task, or choose another task entirely--there are plenty of free options. Be creative. Politely borrow things from friends and even strangers.
        • Submitting for verification of Instagram Stories will be done via the Adventure Hunt App. Allow at least 15 minutes for verification response. 
          • In the event that you have issues communicating via the app, you may send an email to LetsGo@AdventureHunt.com from the same email address you used to register, with your city and Instagram username in the subject: i.e. "Boston Verify @(yourIGusername)" only AFTER you are completely done with ALL the required points for your Hunt and ready for us to verify your posts.
        • The Adventure Hunt App's Treasure Map and Clues will be unlocked to teams in order of completion and verification of the Adventure List. If your team does not pass the verification, you'll be told why and then have a chance to correct the issue and re-submit for verification. Note that you'll go to the back of the queue when you re-submit.
        • Once the treasure has been found, the Treasure Map and Clues will be unlocked for all teams, even if they haven't finished the Adventure List yet. Once this happens, you are free to start the clues and finish the Hunt without finishing the Adventure List. 
        • We like transparency, so here's the Adventure Hunt Team’s Verification Steps for the Adventure List:
          • Ensure all teammates are properly registered and checked in
          • Ensure they have the needed points for each category
          • Ensure it’s clear all teammates are present in each Story post (does not apply to clue stops)
          • Ensure they actually did the activity correctly--funny creativity is cool in some cases, but obvious laziness, corner-cutting/rule bending never is.
          • Ensure they tagged @AdventureHunt.co in each Story post's caption--and #AdventureHunt is in at least 3 posts' captions.
        • Winners in each city are to save their entire IG Story from the day and email it to LetsGo@AdventureHunt.com
          • The clues and routes are randomized for each team, so following another team may prove to be a very bad idea as your clue may be taking you to a different location than theirs. Figure the clues out and go to the right spots in the right order!
            • All the routes take the same time to complete from first stop to buried treasure (the final stop is the same for everyone of course as that's where the treasure is), but where you happen to be when you finish the Adventure List and how far that is from the first stop is luck of the draw. The routes themselves are very even and fair though.
          • We obviously can't make every team stay together during the Treasure Map and Clues portion of the Hunt, nor do you necessarily have to, but we encourage you to as it's more fun and actually easier to solve clues and get stuff done together. There is really no advantage to splitting up as you'd merely be guessing where the next stop may be.
          • The app will notify you when you're within 2,500 feet of a stop, 750 feet of a stop and when you've reached a stop--at which point you'll see some cool stuff to do at that spot and be able to tap to view the next clue.
            • If the app doesn't notify you that you're in the right spot and you have good data service on your phone, that means you're in the wrong spot. Keep moving till you find it!
            • At each stop, we list some fun things to do there and encourage you to share your journey on Instagram. This is not required, but encouraged.
          • The app uses maps, which drains battery a bit quicker. You may want to take turns using a teammate's phone.
          • The app is fairly new and always being updated and improved. It has been used thoroughly by 10s of thousands of participants literally all over the world. It works great, but just like with all technology, you may experience issues. If you do, force close the app and reopen it or tap 'sync hunt' from the gear icon. That will fix 99% of the issues you'll encounter, which will be rare anyway. Make sure you have the most recent/updated version of the app!
          • Part of the Adventure Hunt challenge and competition is your ability to solve the clues guiding you to the treasure. Should you get stumped, there are in-app helps offered for purchase (only available on certain Hunts, if you don't see them it means they're not offered). Pictures, videos, 'tell me the location' and 'skip location'. Pictures and videos can be used on any stop, but 'tell me location' can only be used twice per team and 'skip location' can only be used once. So choose wisely when you use those. 
            • Picture help--a photo of the exact location you need to be or something similar that helps solves the clue--$0.99
            • Video help--a video of the exact location you need to be and its surrounding area, often an aerial drone shot--$1.99
            • Tell Me the Location--literally just tells you the exact spot you need to be, can only be used twice per Hunt--$4.99
            • Are We There Yet? (most popular)--know your exact distance from each stop at any time during the Hunt to ensure you head in the right direction!--$9.99
            • Skip Location--allows you to entirely skip a clue and location, can only be used once per Hunt and is only offered on some locations--$29
              • ALL the clues can be solved without any of these additional helps (Google, ask friends and really think--don't expect to be able to read a clue and immediately solve it). In fact, most people don't use them, but if you need them, they're there. Who knows, maybe a little extra help will get you to Panama!

          Download the Official Adventure Hunt AppDownload the Official Adventure Hunt App

          • In the case that a team arrives at the treasure location after another team has already arrived and begun looking, the arriving teams cannot search immediately next to the already-searching teams. Obviously you'll be close to each other, but give each team at least a foot between you so there's no fighting/disputing. NO FIGHTING!
          • In the unlikely event that a treasure is stolen before it's found by an Adventure Hunt team, an identical replacement treasure will be mailed to the first team to have completed the list and followed the clues to the treasure location. Treasures will not be deemed "stolen" until 30 minutes has elapsed from the time the third team reaches the treasure location and begins searching as well.
            • In the unlikely event that multiple teams are digging for the treasure at the same time and it is either not there or the teams claim there to be a tie, the treasure chest will be rewarded to whichever team arrived there first, based on the team's timestamp within the app.
          • Must be age 18+ or have written parental/guardian consent to win the Panama trip
          • Panama trip valid one (1) year from date of win and valid May-November only
          • You must have a valid passport to travel to Panama
          • Panama trip voucher good for:
            • 5 days, 4 nights in a luxury villa at an exclusive resort in Bocas del Toro, Panama
              • Gorgeous private pools at every villa
              • Full kitchen and great wifi in every villa
              • Beach club resort and pool
              • Incredible Caribbean beaches and water
            • Zip-line canopy tour through the Panamanian jungle for the whole team
            • 50% off scuba lessons
            • 50% off surf lessons
            • 50% off remote island day trip
            • Fun games, lots of laughs, and friendships and memories to last a lifetime!
            • Airfare not included

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