How It Works

Adventure Hunt is a real life, modern day Treasure Hunt that sends you off in teams of 2-4 people on an exhilarating, adrenaline-packed ride we promise you will never forget! You’ll complete both gut-bustingly funny and adventurous challenges that unlock a real life treasure map on our Adventure Hunt app. From there you’ll put your mind & will to the test as you solve clues guiding you to the buried booty.



Can You Imagine the Thrill of Digging Up an Actual Buried Treasure Chest?!

Discovery Fun Hunts are the exact clues and routes used in previously completed Treasure Hunts. They're available and ready 24/7/365.

With Adventure Hunt, you can also Create Your Own scavenger / treasure hunt or geocache!


See What It's Like Firsthand From Real Participants




    Treasure Hunt Tips for Success:

    • Download the app ( iOS | Android ) and Login to the app well before Hunt Day to redeem your tickets and create your team. Watch the videos above!
    • Join the Facebook Event Page for your city and scroll through our posts there. Loads of good info awaits!
    • Watch recaps of past Hunts in various cities to get an idea of what activities to expect (red packs are not needed, those are sold separately at major discount for anyone who wants them but they are not required).
    • Watch interviews with past Champs to hear about their experience and tips they have for you.
    • Read the Rules and Waiver page and Posting Rules page.
    • Come prepared with as many items as you think you may need as a team for what might be on the Adventure List. Most of our Champs tell us their "car was packed with everything we saw in your videos of other Hunts". They were well prepared to blaze through the Adventure List successfully.
    • Bring with you: water, snacks, attire needed for weather in your area that day, swimsuit, towel, phone charger, sunscreen, good attitude ;)
    • When: 9am local time on the date listed for your city--always Saturday at 9am.
    • Where: You can start from home or wherever you want, but for those who want to meet other Adventure Hunters and do activities together (loads of fun and usually to your advantage to be there), we will suggest a starting point on the Facebook Event Page for your city the day before the Hunt.
      • In each city, we try to arrange for all of you to get discounts at a restaurant or pub. If we have one in your city, it will be shown in the app upon finishing. Finish and you can go get your grub and drink on at a discount and party with fellow Adventure Hunters!
    • Still have questions? All the answers are right here.



    Check-in & Team Up In 4 Easy Steps

    How to Edit Your Team Name 


    Changing Your Instagram Account 


    How to Post An Instagram Story 



    Using the App

    • Login using your checked-in email and registration number
    • Create your team (only 1 person needs to do this)
    • Make sure the Instagram you're using is set to PUBLIC
    • Read and follow the prompts within our app
    • Open the Adventure List
    • Be strategic, look at the list and map out your day
    • Get 10 Adventure points and 10 Fun points (not required for Discovery Fun Hunts or Create Your Own Hunts)
    • Post challenges to your team's Instagram story (not required for Discovery Fun Hunts or Create Your Own Hunts)
    • Tag & another sponsor in each story
    • Hashtag #AdventureHunt in at least half of your Story posts.
    • Submit for verification via the app
    • Open the treasure map and solve the clues that lead you to buried treasure
      • You will get notifications when you're within 2,500 ft, 750 ft, and when you reach each stop
    • There are in-app helps available for purchase if you get stumped.
      • Clue aren't required. Many Champs actually never even used one.
    • Finish the Hunt! You'll get 25% off promo codes to all our sponsors, plus 1 entry into our Finishers Raffle
    • ENJOY THE RIDE - Have fun and happy hunting!