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How Does Adventure Hunt Work?

Adventure Hunt is a real life, modern day Treasure Hunt that sends you off in teams of 2-4 people on an exhilarating, adrenaline-packed ride we promise you will never forget! You’ll complete both gut-bustingly funny and adventurous challenges that unlock a real life treasure map on our Adventure Hunt app. From there you’ll put your mind & will to the test as you solve clues guiding you to the buried booty.


Can You Imagine the Thrill of Digging Up an Actual Buried Treasure Chest?!



How to Check-in & Team Up In 4 Easy Steps

    How to Edit Your Team Name 


    Changing Your Instagram Account 


    How to Post An Instagram Story 


    • Do Challenges and POST VIDEO of proof to Instagram Story
    • Make Instagram account PUBLIC, not private
    • Solve clues and go to the area you think the clue is referring to
    • You may need to complete more challenges and post more videos at each stop
    • Find the treasure!
    • Download the most recent version of our app,  iOS or Android
    • Turn ON & enable Location Services & Notifications for our app
    • Log-in and Team up within the app


    Treasure Hunt Tips for Success:

    • Download the app ( iOS | Android ) and Login to the app well before Hunt Day to create your team. Watch the videos above!
    • Read the Rules and Waiver 
    • Bring with you: at least one phone with the Adventure Hunt app per team, water, snacks, attire needed for weather in your area that day, phone charger, a fun attitude ;)

    Using the App

    • Login using your checked-in email and order number
    • Location services and push notifications ON
    • Create your team (only 1 person needs to do this)
    • Make sure the Instagram you're using is set to PUBLIC
    • Read and follow the prompts within our app
    • During the Hunt, stick together as a team, only one person needs their phone out with app open–ensure good cell service or wifi is connected
    • Make sure you have your phone's most recent operating system and the most recent update of the Adventure Hunt app (double check before you start!)
    • Get 10 Adventure points and 10 Fun points from the Adventure List. Be strategic!
    • Post challenges to your team's Instagram story
    • 'Save Progress' inside the app as you mark off challenges you've done
    • Submit for verification via the app only after you've earned enough points
    • Open the treasure map and solve the clues that lead you to buried treasure
      • You will get notifications when you're within 2,500 ft, 750 ft, and when you reach each stop. 
      • Complete more challenges at each stop to move on!
    • Tapping 'sync hunt' from the gear icon is like a nice refresh of the app. If you feel something is off, tap 'sync hunt' and see if that fixes the issue!
    • ENJOY THE RIDE - Have fun and happy hunting!