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Top 10 Things To Do in Portland, Maine

1. Portland Head Light

The Portland Head Light is Maine’s oldest lighthouse. It is extremely picturesque making it one of the most photographed lighthouses. That, combined with the fact that it started operating in 1791, makes it a definite stop!

Portland Head Light

2. Old Port

Old Port is a quaint area filled with many shops. It is a perfect mixture of old and modern making it just a pleasant place to be.

Old Port

3. Adventure Hunt Portland, Maine

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4. Fort Williams Park

Fort Williams Park is everything you want in a park. You can walk along the cliffs, have a picnic, fly a kite and just enjoy it all at this seaside park.

Fort Williams Park

5. Casco Bay

Casco Bay has many boats coming in and out every day and has many pretty lighthouses which makes it a picturesque little bay to enjoy.  

Casco Bay

6. Eastern Promenade

Eastern Promenade is a great place to get some exercise in. The well kept park and path make it a nice place to run around or even just walk and relax!

Eastern Promenade

7. Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth is a quaint town right outside of Portland that gives you that great coastal feel. This is another definite stop you don’t want to miss.

Cape Elizabeth

8. Palace Playland

Palace Playland is a beachfront amusement park. It is the only one in New England making it a must. There are fun rides and good food and of course, the beautiful beach.

Palace Playland

9. Crescent Beach State Park

Crescent Beach State Park is one of Maine’s finest beaches. The sand and water are just perfect. This is a great place to just relax and enjoy.

Crescent Beach State Park

10. Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion shows off some of America’s finest architecture. With the intricate design and the elaborate details, it is absolutely stunning. It also has been extremely well preserved making it great to see.

Victoria Mansion

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