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Top 10 Things To Do in Tampa

1. Busch Gardens

Boasting some of the world’s best roller coasters, animal encounters, shopping, dining and shows, Busch gardens has everything for a great day! From the Sheikra, a 200-foot-tall roller coaster with a vertical drop of 90 degrees, to the Gwazi Gliders, a hang-glider ride for children, and last but not least the Opening Night Critters show, featuring kangaroos, birds, horses and more, there is something for everyone!

Busch Gardens

2. The Florida Aquarium

Since opening in 1995, The Florida Aquarium has grown and now houses over 7,000 species of animal and plant life. With 7 exhibits, you will get to see alligators, Burmese Pythons, lemurs, geckos, stingrays, eels, sharks, octopus and so much more! Once you’re done looking at the animals, you can pretend to be one in The Splash Pad! With its wet and dry elements, it is the perfect end to the day.

The Florida Aquarium

3. Adventure Hunt Tampa

A fun and adventurous modern-day treasure hunt you can enter as many times as you want! You’ll be adventuring all over Tampa and the surrounding areas solving clues that will have you exploring the city, including spots you likely haven't explored before!  It only costs $10 and every time you finish, you will get $5 to the Adventure Hunt Store and be entered to win a FREE TRIP TO PANAMA! You can enter on your own, with a date or with a group of friends. No matter how many people you are with, you will have a blast!


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4. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center

At Apollo Beach’s Big Bend Power Station, you can see manatees for free! When the bay gets below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the manatees seek warmer water and find it in Big Bend’s discharge canal. From November 1-April 15, manatee’s can be found relaxing in this canal for anyone to see!

Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center

5. Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

Housing 7 parks and covering 16,000 acres, Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve has just about everything. You can canoe down the river while enjoying the birds and alligators or roam around the 60 miles of forest trails. You can then finish the day off by fishing and having a nice picnic while enjoying the best of what nature has to offer. 

Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

6. Ybor City

Known as Tampa’s playground, Ybor City used to be the hub for coffee manufacturing and hand-rolled cigars. The deep history combined with the current twist, lends it to be the perfect spot. With its delicious food, retail shops and fun nightlife, any time of day is perfect to head over!

Ybor City

 7. Weedon Island Preserve

Covering 3,190 acres, Weedon Island Preserve is a fun, relaxing place where you can experience it all! You can see a 1,100-year-old canoe, have a picnic, go canoeing and hike multiple trails while exploring the mangroves.

Weedon Island Preserve

8. Florida Botanical Gardens

Home to 16 gardens, this is a perfect activity that is absolutely free! You can discover the butterfly garden, the palm garden, the tropical fruit garden and so many more while enjoying the multiple endangered animals who have made their home within the gardens.

Florida Botanical Gardens

9. Fort De Soto Park

Five interconnected islands on 1,136 acres boasts the beauty of Florida. You can enjoy your time on the beach, watch the 328 species of birds and even camp on this beautiful land.

Fort De Soto Park

10. Bayshore Boulevard

Housed between the water and Tampa’s most expensive real estate, Bayshore Boulevard shows off the best of Tampa. During the day, it has been called Tampa’s Gym because of the many people found walking and jogging but at night it boasts the most amazing moonlit walk where you can see Tampa’s downtown skyline.

Bayshore Boulevard 

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