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The BambooHR Show


Welcome to the BambooHR Adventure Hunt! You'll be completing fun challenges and posting them to your Instagram story (if you don't have an Instagram, you can participate in the company Slack channel, but Instagram stories are preferred, Slack channel is: #bamboohr_adventure-hunt). When you have followed all the rules and completed the necessary challenges, please fill out this form for our team to verify. Prizes will be rewarded to those who correctly complete all necessary challenges first. The main purpose of this event is to have fun! The winners will be announced at the end of the day via email after challenges have been verified. Good luck to everyone, and have fun!



  • 1ST – $300 gift card
  • 2ND – $200 gift card
  • 3RD – $100 gift card
  • 4TH-10TH – $25 gift card
  • ALL FINISHERS – $20 Adventure Hunt credit



  • Complete Challenges as outlined below:
    • Document all challenges via short video on your Instagram Story, 
      • your Instagram account cannot be set to Private, it must be set to Public, otherwise our verification team will not be able to see your posts and you will not be verified
    • Post one or two 15-sec videos per challenge
      • even if the challenge is longer than that, we don't need to see the whole challenge, just show us the highlight of the challenge
    • If you don't have an Instagram, you can participate in the company slack channel, but Instagram stories are preferred. Slack channel is: #bamboohr_adventure-hunt
  • Tag @BambooHR in all Story Posts, tagging @AdventureHunt.co is appreciated, but not required
  • A BambooHR employee must be visibly present in all challenges


    👇CHALLENGES: You'll be completing the specified number of challenges from EACH section:
    • 🌱 3x BambooHR Challenges
    • 😂 3x Fun Challenges
    • 💪 3x Exercise Challenges
    • ❤️ 2x Do Good, Feel Good Challenges
    • 💃 1x Music/Dance Challenge
    • 📚 2x Mental Challenges 

    READY? Get started here!

    Did You Know?

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