Client Appreciation + Prospecting

Adventure Hunt–As Seen On Shark Tank & Featured In Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, ABC News & More

"I see a huge business! Large companies doing team building. We're doing them all the time, we're running out of ideas. I love it! I love you guys!"
- Robert Herjavec 

Some of Our Happy Clients

There's a reason why the top realtors and other service related businesses hold regular client appreciation events, because they work!  

What We Do

Treasure HuntsTeams race to complete challenges and solve clues within the Adventure Hunt app that guide them to an actual buried treasure chest. 

Event Example

  • Gather at start point
    • either your office or a public park where you've got a cool tent set up with simple snacks, etc.
  • Brief Introduction
  • Adventure Hunt (approx. 2-3 hours)
    • Participants do fun challenges and post them to Instagram, tagging you/your business in each post–this results in massive positive exposure!
      • Great for receiving mass amounts of 5-Star reviews on Zillow or Google
      • Great opportunity for receiving referrals of real buyers/ sellers
    • Participants solve clues guiding them to fun prizes!
      • Clues can be fun, like a cool hike, or promotional, like guiding them to a model home
  • Treasure & Prizes
    • Main prize comes from you, the host company
    • We provide AH swag to winners (drawstring bag, water bottle, sunglasses, waterproof cell phone case)
    • Stance® gives a free pair of socks to each winner
    • Every finisher receives $10 credit to 

Why Choose Adventure Hunt Over Theater Rentals

Theater Rentals
  • Been done a million times
  • Little-to-no interaction with clients
  • Clients quietly sit in dark theater
  • Little-to-no 5-star reviews
  • Difficult to track referrals
  • Not always family friendly, i.e. PG-13 movies
Adventure Hunt
  • Fun and unique! It's a freaking treasure hunt! How cool is that?!
  • TONS of interaction with clients both in person and on social media
  • Promotes health and wellness
  • Facilitates social engagement, great for marketing your team and your services
    • 84% of millennials don't trust traditional paid advertising (source: Hubspot)
  • Almost certain to produce more 5-star reviews in one day than most get in a month or even a year
  • Produces more referrals that are easy to track
  • Fun family friendly event!
  • Customer/client prospecting & data collection
  • Improves client & team retention by creating friendships and memories
  • We do all the work, you have all the fun!

We've worked with individuals and teams both big and small and received only positive feedback. We're confident we can put together the perfect event for you and your team. Shoot us a message to learn more!