Traveling to Bocas


As you know, flights/transportation to/from Bocas is not included in the trip. Cost of flights varies based on airports of course, but expect to pay $600-$900 total. Nearly everyone we've had come down (over 100 people from all over North America) paid less than $900 total. It's highly recommended you book your flights long in advance so that you're not paying a premium due to procrastination. 
Start looking for flights now. Here's the best way to do so: (we're happy to provide any clarification during this process, so don't hesitate to reach out with questions).
  • Your city --> Panama City (PTY)
    • Kayak.com¬†or¬†Google.com/flights
      • use +/- 1 day to see best options that can work for you on both departure and return dates
      • Often times a redeye flight into PTY is best because it allows you to transfer to Albrook and catch early flight on Air Panama to Bocas.
      • We suggest planning your flights in a way that allows you to stay and enjoy Bocas as much as possible¬†the final day too, so fly out in the afternoon from Bocas and evening or another redeye from PTY.
      • Sometimes a night in Panama City is desired or required (based on flights). Accommodations there are not included, so be sure to plan accordingly. Panama City is a fun place to explore for a day though, and many of our Champs and Trip Attendees choose to take a day there.¬†
  • Transfer via cab to smaller airport in Panama City called Albrook (about 30 mins)
  • Albrook --> Bocas del Toro (BOC)
    • AirPanama.com¬†(use computer and select English in top right of screen)
    • Give yourself at least two hours (preferably¬†three hours to be safe) between landing¬†at PTY and departing from Albrook (and vice versa on your way back home). You'll need this time to transfer airports, checkin, go through security, etc.
  • Upon arriving at the Bocas airport, you will see an Adventure Hunt or Resort rep there. He/she will take you to transfer via boat (about 10 mins) to the resort
    • This boat transfer is included in the price of the trip
  • Another option is to fly to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) and from there to Bocas del Toro (BOC) on¬†CaribeShuttle. This is often cheaper.¬†