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Posting Rules


  • Do Challenges and POST VIDEO of proof to Instagram Story
    • Make Instagram account PUBLIC, not private
    • Tag the host company (i.e. @usaa) and @AdventureHunt.co in each story
  • Solve clues and go to the area you think the clue is referring to
    • You may need to complete more challenges and post more videos to your Instagram Story at each stop
  • Find the treasure!


    By participating in Adventure Hunt, you acknowledge and agree to the Official Adventure Hunt Rules and Waiver  |  FAQ  |  How It Works

    • Be safe. Be smart. Be courteous. Obey all Adventure Hunt Rules and local laws. You take full responsibility and liability for your own actions.


    Adventure Hunt is a 2-part race:

    1. Race to complete challenges and adventures to get your 10 Fun points + 10 Adventure points for 20 total points to unlock the Treasure Map and Clues.
    2. Race to solve clues guiding you to buried treasure!


    The Adventure List

    • All Adventure List activities must be completed on Hunt Day after the Adventure List is released. (i.e. using old photos/video, etc. will result in immediate disqualification)
    • Post completed activities to the same public Instagram account. ALL STORIES MUST BE VIDEOS.
    • Make sure it's clear that ALL teammates are present for each story–we may use our discretion to let this slide for 1-2 Stories, but never more than that. You each don't have to do each activity, but you need to be together as a team.
    • Make each Story as epic as possible!
      • Today is first and foremost about having fun, so #EnjoyTheRide. 
    • Tag the host company (i.e. @usaa) and @AdventureHunt.co in each story
      • Tag the city's location in each story
      • Hashtag #AdventureHunt in at least 3-4 of your Stories.
    • Have a caption of some sort at least explaining what you're doing in the Story.
      • This is strongly encouraged as it helps us verify you more quickly.
    • Please note, the Treasure Map will be unlocked for everyone automatically once the treasure has been found by the winning team. 
    Our Verification Process:
    1. Ensure ALL teammates are registered
    2. Ensure they have the needed points for each category
    3. Ensure it’s clear ALL teammates are present for each post
    4. Did they pay attention to details like code words?
    5. Ensure they actually did the activity–rule bending isn't tolerated
    6. Ensure they tagged @AdventureHunt.co, location, and host company (i.e. @usaa) in each Story and #AdventureHunt in 3+ stories.
    7. Verification takes at least 15 minutes, so use this time wisely so you're ready to go if approved!