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Corporate Event Orientation


"Everyone please READ the How It Works page now. Five mins of reading will honestly answer 99% of questions. There are video tutorials on that page too."


Ask these questions:

  • Has everyone registered?
    • Registration is per person, not per team. It's needed so you can have access to login to the app to view challenges and clues. It also contains AH's Rules and Waiver that each participant is required to agree to before participating.
  • Have you teamed up inside the app?
    • This is similar to a Facebook friend request. One person sends, the other person logs into his/her account and accepts.
  • Can everyone see a countdown timer and/or welcome screen on the AH app?
    • Have everyone log into the app. Tell them to tap on the gear icon (top left) then 'Sync Hunt' – this refreshes the app. If participants cannot see a countdown timer and/or welcome screen it is because they haven't team up yet. They will need to team up. Here's a video on how to team up.


Break It Down

  • AH is a 2-part race
    • Teams will strategize together to complete challenges and earn points to unlock the Treasure Map
      • Point out where certain challenges are located (if applicable).
    • Teams will solve clues within the app guiding them throughout the city and eventually to treasure!
  • Instagram
    • Each team needs to document proof of each challenge on an Instagram Story. Here's a video on how to post an Instagram story.
    • Be sure your Instagram account is set to public in your settings. Private Instagram accounts cannot be seen by AH's verification reps.
  • AH App Notifications
    • Each location is geotagged, so the app reads your phone's GPS and will let you know as you get closer to each stop and when you've reached each stop.
    • If you're not receiving notifications, 99% of the time it is because you are not in the right location, very rarely is it due to your phone's carrier service having poor reception.


Have fun & Be Safe!